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Jorge M. A. H. Loureiro was born in Lisbon in 1951. He received the undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering in 1976 and the Ph.D degree in Physics in 1987 from the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) - Technical University of Lisbon. He was Assistant Professor at IST in the period 1987-1994 and Associate Professor since then. Nowadays, he is Associate Professor with Habilitation working at the Physics Department, where he teaches courses on Electromagnetic Theory, Classical Electrodynamics, Plasma Physics, Gas Discharges and Atomic and Molecular Physics of Plasmas.

His research interests and activities cover topics in the kinetic modelling of discharges and post-discharges of atomic and molecular gases, produced using either dc or microwave discharges, with application to surface treatments, such as nitriding (N2-H2) and nitrocarburizing (N2-CH4), and to plasma sterilization (N2-O2, Ar-O2-N2). Other more recent interests are the modelling simulation of planetary atmospheres using a plasma, as it is the case of N2-CH4 mixture for Titan, the high temperature state-to-state chemical-physical models for hypersonic flows in space re-entries in Earth, and the ultra-cold plasmas. He is author of 75 articles published in regular scientific journals and 130 papers at conferences.

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