How can you submit a book for publishing at IST PRESS?

The Publisher is naturally open to proposals made by authors not connected to IST, as well as the translation of important foreign works. Any original work should be sent by the author(s) to IST PRESS. Three paper copies must be sent, accompanied by an abstract covering the essential “why?”, “when” and “for whom?” questions. In summary form, an application must also analyse the implication of publication of the work, referring to the position of the work in relation to others in the same field. The manuscript will be sent to specialists in the relevant field for evaluation. Acceptance depends on the positive feedback of the evaluators; authors should carry out any modifications or corrections suggested. The final decision is made by the Director of IST PRESS.

In the case of the ENSINO DA CIÊNCIA E DA TECNOLOGIA (Teaching of Science and Technology) and APOIO AO ENSINO (Teaching Support) collections, the final LaTex version makes the publication process quicker.

The design of the book is entirely the responsibility of the IST PRESS Production Department.


The necessary requirements for the publication of conference minutes are:

1 – The conference must have a Portuguese University professor as “chairman”, or as an editor of the conference minutes.

2 – Priority will be given to the publication of minutes of conferences of an international nature, as opposed to those concerning local issues.

3 – The conference’s organising commission must bear the total costs of the edition. IST PRESS will only be responsible for the editorial production.

4 – The organising commission must send the complete original manuscript, as well as an electronic copy prepared in accordance with the “Instructions to Authors” sent by the Publishers.

5 – The editor of the minutes and the INSTITUTO SUPERIOR TÉCNICO will sign a previously agreed editorial contract where the procedures, rights and obligation of the contracting parties will be set out and defined.