Title:  PROHITEC 17 | 3rd International Conference on Protection of Historical Constructions

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Data:  2017


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The 3rd International Conference on Protection of Historical Constructions, PROHITECH'17, is held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 12 to 15 July 2017, organized by the Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, with the collaboration of the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. The 2017 edition follows the two previous ones, which were held in Rome, Italy, in 2009, and in Antalya, Turkey, in 2014. This specialty conference series has been inaugurated at the conclusion of the European research project "Protection of historical buildings by reversible mixed technologies" (2004-2008).

The conference offers an important platform to researchers, engineers, architects and other specialists to present and discuss a wide variety of topics related to the protection of historical constructions. The topics range from structural and earthquake engineering, intervention strategies, materials and technologies, architecture and urban planning, represented by a showcase of diversified case studies covering different construction materials.

This volume is a comprehensive overview of the recent developments in the field of the PROTECTION OF HISTORICAL CONSTRUCTIONS. It is a collection of keynotes and extended abstracts presented at the conference. The book is organized in the following sections:

• Keynotes
• Structural and Earthquake Engineering
• Intervention Strategies
• Materials and Technologies
• Architecture and Urban Planning
• Case Studies

The manuscripts presented at the Conference come from the contribution by 41 countries and will be a great reference source for researchers, engineers, architects and other specialists involved in the broad field of the protection of historic constructions.



António LAMAS, Portugal Honorary Chairman
Federico M.MAZZOLANI, Italy Chairman
Luis CALADO, Portugal Local Chairman


Jorge Miguel PROENÇA, Portugal
Beatrice FAGGIANO, Italy


António Sousa GAGO, Portugal
Luis GUERREIRO, Portugal
Pedro MENDES, Portugal
João CORREIA, Portugal


Zeynep AHUNBAY, Turkey
Gulay ALTAY, Turkey
António ARÊDE, Portugal
Mohammad ARIF KAMAL, India
Cristian ARION, Romania
Gorun ARUN Turkey
Charalampos BANIOTOPOULOS, United Kingdom
Ruben BORG, Malta
Antonio BORRI, Italy
Bruno CALDERONI, Italy
Mohamed CHEMROUK, Algeria
Paolo CLEMENTE, Italy
José Paulo COSTA, Portugal
Helena CRUZ, Portugal
Gianfranco DE MATTEIS, Italy
Herve DEGEE, Belgium
Gaetano DELLA CORTE, Italy
João FERREIRA, Portugal
Antonio FORMISANO, Italy
Massimo FRAGIACOMO, Italy
M. Ghafory ASHTIANY, Iran
Kiril GRAMATIKOV, Republic of Macedonia
Ricardo HERRERA, Chile
Jerzy JASIENKO, Poland
Eduardo JÚLIO, Portugal
Raffaele LANDOLFO, Italy
Johanna LEISSNER, Germany
Guo-Qiang LI, China
Alberto MANDARA, Italy
Elena MELE, Italy
Jordan MILEV, Bulgaria
Daniel OLIVEIRA, Portugal
Fernando PINHO, Portugal
Ana Paula PINTO, Portugal
Francesco PORTIOLI, Italy
Maria Rosário VEIGA, Portugal
Humberto VARUM, Portugal
loannis VAYAS, Greece
Frantizek WALD, Czech Republic
Volker WETZK, Germany


Enrique ALARCON, Spain
loan ANDREESCU, Romania
Takayoshi AOKI, Japan
João APPLETON, Portugal
João AZEVEDO, Portugal
Nemkumar BANTHIA, Canada
Fernando BRANCO, Portugal
Aníbal COSTA, Portugal
Dina D'AYALA, United Kingdom
Gianmarco DE FELICE, Italy
Angelo DI TOMMASO, Italy
Dan DUBINA, Romania
Laszlo DUNAI, Hungary
Polat GULKAN, Turkey
Annette HARTE, Ireland
Alper İLKI, Turkey
Maurizio INDIRLI, Italy
Jean-Pierre JASPART, Belgium
Gintaris KAKLAUSKAS, Lithuania
Erhan KARAESMEN , Turkey
Lidija KRSTEVSKA, Republic of Macedonia
Fikret KURAN, Turkey
Paulo LOURENÇO, Portugal
Valter LÚCIO, Portugal
Alessandro MARTELLI, Italy
Euripides MISTAKIDIS, Greece
Claudio MODENA, Italy
Antonia MOROPOULOU, Greece
Marius MOSOARCA, Romania
Rita MOURA, Portugal
Maurizio PIAZZA, Italy
Vlatka RAJCIC, Croatia
Pere ROCA, Spain
Avigdor RUTENBERG, Israel
Rodolfo SARRAGONI, Chile
Valeriu STOIAN, Romania
Roberto TOMASI, Norway
Elizabeth VINTZILEOU, Greece
Alphose ZINGONI, South Africa

Actas / proceedings