Helder Coelho

Member of the University of Lisbon Doctoral Mind-Brain College. Retired full professor of Artificial Intelligence (UL, from August, 1995-2014) at the Department of Informatics of the Faculty of Sciences (FCUL). Efective member of the National Academy of Engineering of Portugal and ECCAI fellow. Electronics Engineer (IST, 1961-68), Ph. D. in Artificial Intelligence (University of Edinburgh, 1980), Specialist in Informatics (LNEC, 1980), Aggregation in Mathematics (UTL, 1988).

One of the founders of Artificial Intelligence and Complexity Science in Portugal. He was director of the FCUL R&D Units LabMAC and LabMAg, Centro de Ciências da Complexidade (1995-2003) of UL, president of Instituto de Ciências da Complexidade (2004-07), and one of organisers of the Annual Arrábida Workshop on Complexity (2001- ).

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