This book provides an overview of the ongoing research on congestion control, traffic management and traffic engineering for fixes, wireless and spontaneous (ad hoc and sensor) networks. Following the success of the Workshop on QoD and Traffic Control organized in December 2005 in Paris, the EuroFGI Workshop on IP QoS and Traffic Control includes papers updating the current understanding in these key areas and highlighting new topics in need of further research.

This workshop is organized by the EuroFGI (Design and Engineering of the Future Generation Internet) Network of Excellence. EuroFGI’s main target is to create and maintain the most prominent European centre of excellence in Next Generation Internet design and engineering, acting as a “Collective Intelligence Think Tank”, representing major support for the Information Society industry and leading towards leadership in this domain. EuroFGI joins 55 partners from 18 countries, including academia and industry partners. This workshop also has the important objective of promoting cooperation between different communities working in these areas.

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