IST PRESS is the university publishing house of the INSTITUTO SUPERIOR TÉCNICO. It is made up of a group of people (professors and employees of IST) who are interested in creating a new publishing project in our country: a publisher specialising in the books related to Science and Engineering.

By publishing books, IST PRESS aims to promote the development of teaching engineering and scientific research in Portugal. It also wishes to contribute to and consolidate the prestigious image of IST on a national level, as well as enhancing the competencies, knowledge and experience that already exist in Portuguese Universities, and especially in the INSTITUTO SUPERIOR TÉCNICO. IST PRESS also wishes to highlight the multiple and complex relationships that exist between science, technology, culture and society by means of its publications.

Works which support teaching and research will be deemed publishable. Equally, texts of scientific interest and works which refer to the University’s situation, its relationship with society and its views on development, will also be considered.

In order to achieve its mission, IST PRESS has a department which selects and evaluates texts, an editorial production section and a distribution section.

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