Mafalda Pacheco

Mafalda Pacheco is graduated in Architecture (Instituto Superior Técnico – Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, 2004) and Master in Architecture (2009). She worked in different studios of architecture. In 2004, she started as a trainee architect in Zagreb, supported by the IAESTE International Association, and collaborated with the Lisbon architects Manuel Vicente and Frederico Valsassina. In Barcelona, she worked in the architecture studios of Elena Cànovas and Antonio Sanmartin, and Josep Miàs. Since 2012, she is a PhD student in Instituto Superior Técnico – Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, supported by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, with a thesis about the urbanism, architecture and construction of the fishing town of Fuzeta, in the south of Portugal. She is interested in the history of urbanism, vernacular architecture and traditional construction technologies.

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