Zara Ferreira

Zara Ferreira is an architect, the secretary general of docomomo International and co-editor of docomomo Journal. She holds a Master degree in Architecture from Instituto Superior Técnico with a dissertation entitled “The Modern and the Climate in the Lusophone Africa. School Buildings in Mozambique: The Fernando Mesquita Concept (1955-1975)”, developed in the framework of the FCT research project “EWV_Exchanging Worlds Visions: Modern Architecture in Africa “Lusófona” (1943-1974) Looking through Brazilian Experience Established since the 1930s” (coord. Prof. Ana Tostões). She has collaborated with the architecture office Tetractys Arquitectos and worked for the Portuguese official representation at the 14th Biennale Archittetura, as architect participant and copy editor of the journal “Homeland – News from Portugal”.

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